Monday, February 18, 2013

No Action Combat

For a while I was able to deal with it, but now it's really getting ridiculous. The lag in TERA is now so horrifically bad that it's actually becoming unplayable.

Just a little while ago, I was fighting Malagash, the Naga boss on Sepentis Isle. I'd experienced some slight lag previously, but nothing really game-breaking. Then while I'm in the middle of fighting this thing, the frame rate suddenly drops to next to nothing and actually freezes completely for several seconds. Needless to say, with this kind of lag it's actually impossible to defeat a decent level BAM. In other words, the game is unplayable in this state, unless you want to ignore all the BAMs in the game and only fight low-level monsters, which is basically impossible if you want to do the story missions and progress through the game.

It's very frustrating for me. I really enjoy the game, but I don't see how I can keep playing when high-level combat is currently all but impossible. The thing that makes TERA great is the fluid, complex style of combat in the game, but when the frame rate drops like a stone and freezes the screen right in the middle of a fight that kind of combat isn't possible, so what's the point of playing?

I know it's not my computer. It's well above the minimum specs for TERA, and I never had this problem during the weeks I played before the official free-to-play conversion.

It seems clear to me that EME seriously underestimated the influx of new players they'd get when the game went free-to-play and thus failed to upgrade the tech backbone to handle it. In all honesty, I've never seen lag this bad in any MMO I've ever played, and I'm starting to question how or if I can continue with TERA if something isn't done about it and quickly.

For myself, I'm not quite sure what the answer is. I suppose I'll keep trying for a while because I really do enjoy the game and want to keep playing, but sooner or later if nothing changes I suppose I'll have to give up and move on.

After all, what's the point of a game that touts True Action Combat with action that plays like an old celluloid movie projector running a broken film that keeps jumping off the guide reels? As far as I can see, not very much of a point at all.